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Apply For Hamper

The Christmas Cheer Registry office does not accept applications directly from applicants.

All people applying for a hamper must be referred through a social agency.  Below is a list of some  of agencies that we work closely with to make sure needs are met.  If you would like to receive a hamper – contact one of the following agencies or any other social agency that you work with:

  • Any school liaison worker

  • Any Child and Family Services organization

  • Brandon Friendship Centre

  • Prairie Mountain Health (Public Health or Mental Health workers)

  • The Salvation Army Family Services

  • Employment and Income Assistance

  • Any Social Services Care Worker

  • Women's Resource Center

  • Westman Immigrant Services

  • 7th Street Health Access

  • Jordan's Principle Brandon

  • Life's Journey

  • Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC)

  • Pregnancy Support Center

As per our mission statement, families with children will be our main focus for hampers. For individuals applying, the priority will be in the order that they are received.  Later applications may not receive hampers if the need is too great to accommodate.

Please contact your agency before our application closing date: Friday, November 17, 2023.

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